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Why GTD will appeal to me

  • geeks are often disorganized or have a twisted skein of attention-deficit issues
  • geeks love assessing, classifying, and defining the objects in their world
  • geeks crave actionable items and roll their eyes at “mission statements” and lofty management patois
  • geeks like things that work with technology-agnostic and lofi tools
  • geeks like frameworks but tend to ignore rules
  • geeks are unusually open to change (if it can be demonstrated to work better than what they’re currently using)
  • geeks like fixing things on their own terms
  • geeks have too many projects and lots and lots of stuff

From 43Folders

*running to pick up the book

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  1. Did you get the book? I’ve had it for ages now and I still haven’t got round to reading it. Terrible considering that the whole point of the book is to get organized, but I am just not organized enough to read it yet 😉

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